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Why is writing about scents that remind me of summer allergies so difficult? Probably because it's not that exciting. Sneezing, wheezing, getting allergy shots...none of this makes for glamorous, compelling writing.

But here's the thing: Fresh Cut Grass and Day at the Spa are EXACTLY what allergy sufferers should be looking for in fragrances. It's like being outside without being outside. Bonus: no mosquitos when you stay indoors!

Not Easy Bein' Green

This is a true-to-nature scent. Guess what it smells like? Grass. Freshly cut. I know...mind-blowing. It's distinctly realistic, and tricks my brain into thinking I should be sneezing. 

However, it also evokes memories of my dad coming home after work on Friday evenings and cutting the grass when it was still cool enough to the have the windows open. Why did we have the windows open when 3 out of 4 of the people who lived in the house had allergies? Great question. 

This scent is fresh and green. It has some calming properties, and you can tell there are hints of terpenes. There's a $1,000 word for ya! If you smoke some other green, calming stuff, you're probably familiar with it. For those that don't, terpenes are what makes plants smell like plants.
Green grass covered in dew.

CandleScience's website points out this scent has grass and green leaves in its middle, and the base is sage and moss. When I say it's green...I mean it's green!

However, it's not always easy being green. This is not a scent I would use as a stand alone. It has to be blended with other fragrance oils. I've recently put it with Dirt, Leather, and Green Cardamom to evoke a pick up game of touch football where everyone is shirtless and sweaty and tanned and biceps aaaand....I lost my train of thought. 

It's green! Too green to stand alone. Kermit knows the feeling. That's why he has to have a guy's arm stuck up his ass. 

Relax!! That's an Order


Day at the Spa doesn't smell like I thought it would. Perhaps I have a skewed view of what I imagine a spa smells like. Full disclosure: the number of spas I have been to is zero. I've been told I could benefit from a massage or levitating unconscious in a float tank, though. So, maybe there's a spa visit in my future.

This scent is citrus-y. To me, it smells like lemon, lime, and citronella. I don't typically look at the manufacturer's stated fragrance notes before writing a review, but after referencing the CandleScience website, I have to humble brag. The scent is "lemon, lime, and lemongrass."

You might be thinking, "but James. Lemongrass isn't citronella." Oh, contraire, my dear friends! Citronella is made from the leaves of lemongrass by passing steam through the plant to extract the citronella oil. Mic drop.

In all honesty, I thought this oil would smell like cucumber melon and would give me Bath & Body Works vibes, circa 1998. I was pleasantly surprised! I'm not sure the fragrance helps me relax, but I like it nonetheless.  

This fragrance - much like The Cheese - CAN stand alone. However, I recently made a batch of wax melts and blended it with Earl Grey Tea, White Tea & Ginger, and a whisper of Lavender. Literally. I just spoke the word, "lavender" over the top of the pouring pitcher before I made the melts. The citrus cut through the heady teas and spicy ginger just enough to notice it, but didn't become distracting. 

Both of these scents can help you experience the great outdoors without having to fight your allergies and actually go outdoors. Let me know in the comments if you've given either of them a try, and have a Big Gay Day while you leave the allergy meds on the bedside table! 


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