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Toasted coconut on a black background on a top image, on the bottom purple and white moonflowers on a black background.

Summer is right around the corner, and it's time to start testing new scents. I just received a package from CandleScience, and I can't wait to tell you about a couple of the samples I ordered.

Both fragrance oils would work fantastically in a summer collection on their own, or even as a pair. Together, they're your favorite summer day-to-night outfit that takes you from tanning on the beach in the heat of the day to watching backyard movies under a blanket in the cool of the night. 


Small brown bottle with a white label with black text that says Toasted Coconut from CandleScience, sitting on a small white pedestal in front of black brown bottles of fragrance oil.

First up is Toasted Coconut.

Slather on the sunscreen and get out your widest brimmed hat. Toasted Coconut smells exactly like you think it should. Like coconut. Crazy, right? But with a warmth that gives it a masculine feel, it instantly transports you to a patch of hot sand with a piña colada in your hand.

I'm surprised it isn't overly sweet. Probably due to the base notes of sugar and tonka bean. The CandleScience website also lists almond as a top note. I didn't get almond, but it might have been covered by the coconut scent.

Don't get me wrong, the coconut isn't overpowering or sickly. It's your high dollar sunscreen. Not the $1.99 stuff that washes off within 5 minutes of diving into the pool. 

I recommend this scent, and will most likely use it as a mixer in my own summer collection. It would be incredible in a soap or lotion.



Small brown bottle with a white label with black font that says Moonflower Nectar and CandleScience, sitting on a white floor with larger brown bottles behind it.
Moonflower Nectar is on the opposite end of the summer spectrum.

This scent is for cooler, cozier summer nights spent watching a movie in your backyard, cuddled under a blanket with someone to keep your toes warm. 

I like sweet scents, and this one is strikingly sweet. It has beautifully candied notes of pear, cherry blossom, and agave that tingle in your nose. Mixed with amber and rose in its middle and bottom notes you get a sultry, sexy, sugary scent.

If I'm being honest, you'll have to be careful with this scent. I think it's sweet notes lure you in with a bit of innocence, but it absolutely has a slutty side when it gets you alone in the dark. Keep your hands above the blanket!

Some might find Moonflower Nectar a bit perfume-y, but I think it could stand out on its own or mixed with something warm to tone down the saccharine sweetness. Either way, it would be a gorgeous addition to a summer collection. 

All-in-all, both fragrance oils are great, and I hope to use them in my own collections soon. Let me know in the comments if you've had the pleasure of smelling either of these scents, and if you plan on using them this summer. Have a Big Gay Day!


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